What a Difference a Year Makes

December 24th, 2010

I just reread my post a year ago when things were not going the best.
But now, on Christmas Eve , a magical night with all the trials and tribulations we humans have it is still a blessed night.
If you have never read it or have not read it for a long time – read the Man and the Birds and/or The Chimes by Erma Bombeck. I envy all those with young ones in the house who are waiting for Big Red. As stressful as these days are, rejoice in your young ones because it goes so so so fast.
Our concerts went well – we had to reschedule due to snow , but it was well worth it.
Thursday night, I had the spontaneous idea to gather up Sarah and invent ourselves over to a gentleman’s house . This gentleman is in his 80’s and plays fiddle like no one else in this county. We spent two hours in his kitchen and played a set of holiday music. We played well, we played badly , we laughed and left with great music in our heads.
Peace to all of us and may we always have music in our heads and hearts.

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