Been Gone Too Long

November 24th, 2010

Well once again, I see that I have been too long away.
Lots of things have been going on. I was asked to play the cello at a local college and it was a wonderful experience! HMS Pinafore meant all 14 of us in the pit were under the captain’s second story part of the stage. The second night during the show, we lost power and had to play three songs without lights and our keyboard. Everyone around brought out lights to shine us through. The next night, our French horn player brought in little glow lights in case it happened again! I have been playing on Saturdays to get ready for our three concert blitz in December. We will be playing at the tv station, a local mall, and
a church. I have also been asked to play at a local church service at Christmas but still debating.
Today my poor car was frozen up and I had to get a last minute ride along with all the groceries for our annual Stone Soup.
That went well with a few little clashes.
Daughter and I are excited about spending the holiday with good friends. But sleeping is is the best part!!
Happy Turkey Day to all!
Carpe Diem.