Best of Intentions

September 11th, 2010

Last weekend, I went to our state Ohio State Theatre Association weekend.(OCTA fest) It was great! It felt funny because I did not have my favorite daughter and sidekick but I was able to help out on some workshop hosting.
The theme this year was 70’s Love Peace and Theatre. It was fun reliving the past with our clothes and signs and collecting beads. If you have never gone, it is a great weekend. Our numbers are dwindling due to the economy . We used to fill two tables and now we didn’t fill one completely. My favorite part is the excerpts from all over. You see short slices of theatre (40 minutes) of different plays. We laughed, we cried , we hooted, clapped and stood several times for some great pieces. Friday night we saw two awesome shows by the junior theatre.
“Bang, bang you’re dead” – very intense piece and then lived up with “Joesph”
Some other pieces – “I Never Sang for My Father and “The Story of My Life” are two that I will definitely look up to see. It is almost like a theatre sampler or fashion show.
Add the fun of the sing-a-long of OCTA feud and it is a wonderful experience.

At work, I helped set up a display using theatre props retired and also helped some kids enter for our local fair which starts Saturday. I love the fair rib eye sandwiches and the beef booth was open!!!!Yeah!!
The title of this blog comes from the fact that I took my computer along to blog at the state festival to give you a day to day update, but could not get it to work.
The second good intention was to attend game night. I had done a half allnighter and came home about 8pm after all the fair business, intending to join the game night festivities after a short cat nap. However, when I work up at 3:00 am. it was not meant to be! Sorry guys, but I would have been a real drag – we will catch the next one.
I had some running to do this morning and Meg and I will soon be heading to one of our favorite festivals in a little town in Indiana.
I have finished my homework for Tuesday’s meeting and now it is time for quality time with my favorite daughter. Carpe diem for now….

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2 Responses to “Best of Intentions”

  1. jamiahsh on September 11, 2010 3:29 pm

    AWWW… that is sweeet! One year when I am not involved in the rehearsals for a show I WILL go with you.

    You very nearly woke up in time to catch the last of us stragglers leaving this morning.

  2. taylhis on September 11, 2010 5:59 pm

    Oh good, I’m glad it was nothing personal. I was worried about too much Mafia maybe, or something worse. Glad you had a good trip, happy to read a blog from you, and hope to see you at the next game night!

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