April 9th, 2011

Sorry, I know the word is “guidance”

Hodge and Podge

April 9th, 2011

Last night we opened to a small but very enthusiastic audience. I actually remembered the majority of my lines and added a little in fun. The director is happy -just wrote in her notes- Sing out! In memory of Rosalind Russell from Gypsy , I add “Louise”.
I was reluctant to take the role since I had more or less decided that I was finished in light of current circumstances. Also, some of the language my character sang in the script was questionable to say the least. But I was lucky to have a very understanding director who was supportive of my changing the words in order to make it still “naughty” but less offensive.
It has been a good diversion with a new young cast that initially made me feel a hundred years old.
Hopefully, those in the area can see the show- especially my children(hint,hint)!
Now to update- I have signed a letter effective to my retire/resignation . The good news is that it will be not be in effect until June 2012. Therefore, I still have one more year to make it 33. How the years have flown!
It has been a true roller coaster this week, but the ride has come to a temporary stop and after tears,anger and yes, laughter- life still goes on.
I am now more at liberty to talk about it , so those who have been holding back questions,please ask now.
As always, thank you to the true friends that have surrounded me in silence.
Mom and Dad – this is one time I have really missed your quidance – I hope you are still proud of me.
Until next time…..carpe diem.

Black paint in a white paint

February 12th, 2011

Today is feast. I finally have time and warmer weather to head to my favorite blogging spot and treat myself to the turkey/cranberry although with this cold, it doesn’t taste as good.
This has been a tough month for me and it is still not over. Without going in details, things are pending and not sure what outcomes will be the next time I blog.
I get the title from this because that is an analogy of some things that has happened recently.
So in that spirit, I am asking dear friends, please respect our privacy and please don’t force me to be rude.
This situation has made me think of someone painting with white paint and a small drop of black paint gets into the can. The best thing would be to use a spoon and carefully take out the black paint. However, some for whatever motive have chosen to stir in the black paint and now turning white into grey.
I do not hesitate to call for help (like poor C when I could not get my car out)
but as much as possible, I want to handle things on my own.
Please be patient, those who are sincerely concerned, for at a specific time in the future, I will be able to fill in some blanks but possibly never all.
For those who added the black paint and stirred, I can only say that you will someday answer to a higher power than me or anyone else on earth. It has definitely opened my eyes to some things and I know now that I can not go through life with rose-colored glasses on anymore. It is sad to me that this whole situation has changed what I considered friendships for good and I will miss many of those.
Thank you for those who have been kind , respectful and supportive. I hope I can sometime repay my many debts either in this life or the next.
Hopefully, my next blog will be on a much higher plane. Take care everyone.

What a Difference a Year Makes

December 24th, 2010

I just reread my post a year ago when things were not going the best.
But now, on Christmas Eve , a magical night with all the trials and tribulations we humans have it is still a blessed night.
If you have never read it or have not read it for a long time – read the Man and the Birds and/or The Chimes by Erma Bombeck. I envy all those with young ones in the house who are waiting for Big Red. As stressful as these days are, rejoice in your young ones because it goes so so so fast.
Our concerts went well – we had to reschedule due to snow , but it was well worth it.
Thursday night, I had the spontaneous idea to gather up Sarah and invent ourselves over to a gentleman’s house . This gentleman is in his 80’s and plays fiddle like no one else in this county. We spent two hours in his kitchen and played a set of holiday music. We played well, we played badly , we laughed and left with great music in our heads.
Peace to all of us and may we always have music in our heads and hearts.

Been Gone Too Long

November 24th, 2010

Well once again, I see that I have been too long away.
Lots of things have been going on. I was asked to play the cello at a local college and it was a wonderful experience! HMS Pinafore meant all 14 of us in the pit were under the captain’s second story part of the stage. The second night during the show, we lost power and had to play three songs without lights and our keyboard. Everyone around brought out lights to shine us through. The next night, our French horn player brought in little glow lights in case it happened again! I have been playing on Saturdays to get ready for our three concert blitz in December. We will be playing at the tv station, a local mall, and
a church. I have also been asked to play at a local church service at Christmas but still debating.
Today my poor car was frozen up and I had to get a last minute ride along with all the groceries for our annual Stone Soup.
That went well with a few little clashes.
Daughter and I are excited about spending the holiday with good friends. But sleeping is is the best part!!
Happy Turkey Day to all!
Carpe Diem.

Best of Intentions

September 11th, 2010

Last weekend, I went to our state Ohio State Theatre Association weekend.(OCTA fest) It was great! It felt funny because I did not have my favorite daughter and sidekick but I was able to help out on some workshop hosting.
The theme this year was 70’s Love Peace and Theatre. It was fun reliving the past with our clothes and signs and collecting beads. If you have never gone, it is a great weekend. Our numbers are dwindling due to the economy . We used to fill two tables and now we didn’t fill one completely. My favorite part is the excerpts from all over. You see short slices of theatre (40 minutes) of different plays. We laughed, we cried , we hooted, clapped and stood several times for some great pieces. Friday night we saw two awesome shows by the junior theatre.
“Bang, bang you’re dead” – very intense piece and then lived up with “Joesph”
Some other pieces – “I Never Sang for My Father and “The Story of My Life” are two that I will definitely look up to see. It is almost like a theatre sampler or fashion show.
Add the fun of the sing-a-long of OCTA feud and it is a wonderful experience.

At work, I helped set up a display using theatre props retired and also helped some kids enter for our local fair which starts Saturday. I love the fair rib eye sandwiches and the beef booth was open!!!!Yeah!!
The title of this blog comes from the fact that I took my computer along to blog at the state festival to give you a day to day update, but could not get it to work.
The second good intention was to attend game night. I had done a half allnighter and came home about 8pm after all the fair business, intending to join the game night festivities after a short cat nap. However, when I work up at 3:00 am. it was not meant to be! Sorry guys, but I would have been a real drag – we will catch the next one.
I had some running to do this morning and Meg and I will soon be heading to one of our favorite festivals in a little town in Indiana.
I have finished my homework for Tuesday’s meeting and now it is time for quality time with my favorite daughter. Carpe diem for now….

Bits and Pieces

August 10th, 2010

One of my favorite writers-Andy Rooney writes a column where he just puts little thoughts together so this is my version.
Transportation: “The Tang” Purely by accident, I ran across an 89 Mustang to buy at a reasonable price. It has been a fun car to play with but I am hoping it will be my transition go to car before snow flies and I need to change up. It has a few minor problems so I hope I am not jinxing it by talking about it (knock on wood). The rear mirror had to be reglued which took two days because of the way it had been done before. My neighbor volunteered to do it and then last night yours truly readjusted it in a hurry and down it went. Thankfully, he re-volunteered (Thank you Mike!). For awhile , I will feel like a teenager yet knowing an older car is not as reliable. When we were first married, my husband owned a Mustang that we couldn’t wait to get rid of since at that time parts were so hard to get. It spent more time in the shop or waiting for a part than on the road. I think it might have been the “throw-away” car of the ’70’s that I just read an article about in our local Frank’s paper. Maybe that is why in college I always had so much trouble with my vehicles. Does anyone remember the Pacer?
We went to the children’s play with the top down. A little cold but fun! I see why people like them. Daughter I think is in love even though it is a totally IMPRACTICAL CAR! But then chocolate is totally impractical also…..
Just had tea/coffee with retired teachers who meet on Tuesday mornings. Some of us still teaching are “guests” since we are not technically retired. It is a good thing to keep in touch with some that know some of the same people and can share the same experience.
Also, some are coming in that are still teaching to meet with each other since sadly, you can be in the same building and never see each other because of the schedules!
Tomorrow, I have an all-day workshop that I am looking forward to . It will be Project Wild but for younger kids. Our Soil and Water here does a great job and I have always enjoyed all the workshops they do. They have also been a great resource to me during the school with guest speakers and materials.
I have nothing else planned for today and I have “played” long enough. Time to go home, put on “grubbies” and find a project to tackle. Yesterday, I spent the majority of the day in the garage where I made a pleasant surprise find of a violin that I thought was long gone. A blog for another time.
Oh, one last thing. I am going to have my kids try to do a project where we make dresses out of pillowcases and or t-shirts. I was sooooo good, I did not stop at a single garage sale during the longest garage sale. But I will be searching for nice looking pillow cases for this project. So, if you are in my area – please consider that if you go to garage sales. I would really appreciate it.
Take care – Carpe diem!!!

Summary of Summer

August 3rd, 2010

Ever since I was much smaller, there was always a time when I knew summer was fading and I would suddenly wake up with sadness and a little regret at the things I did not get done. But as my best friend said – remember it (life) is a journey and not a destination.
I have always had this feeling that if I could get all my loose ends tied up , I could start “living”. But as another wise person said, “Life is one loose end”. This from the man I almost married.
This has been a great summer with ups and one big crash down.
On the plus side, the three amigos were able to accumulate about 25 hours toward our 50 hours by December goal and we did some great work learning more about each other. I highly recommend the peach icees after a hot day.
I resolved some issues, did some great purging of items and some mini-projects.
We as a family had a sadness that may forever change the way that we feel toward the fourth of July, but has brought us closer in some ways.
I was able to work in three school workshops, play in three concerts and see some great theatre.
I helped a friend move after her retirement which has made me look ahead to my own (in four years) with some joyful anticipation.
As a good friend told me recently, I will probably become a nomad in order to complete all my bucket list items.
I was also able to attend an all night ghost hunt in Kentucky with my daughter and a fellow blogger.
Some things are still not complete. I wanted to take a trip to Illinois where many family members live. I was hoping to get to the Titanic exhibit but that may have to wait (for the second time)

Why is it when you have time there is not enough of the green stuff?
My daughter graduated from college and we had lots of friends to celebrate it with.
So all in all, there is no reason to be sad about the season changing.
Fall has its own beauty and great festivals to enjoy!
Well, now that I have to go through withdrawal from orchestra practice, band concerts and other things, it will be a good idea to get ready for the big event of starting school!
Then again, maybe I can slip one trip to Shipshe in before the summer window of opportunity closes……
Carpe diem – especially now…..

Mixed Emotions

April 24th, 2010

We unexpectedly found out that orchestra practice was cancelled for today so this has been like a snowday for grownups.
Last Sunday, we closed and struck set for the show we had been doing. Some of us went out to eat and said our goodbyes. I felt very adrift afterwards – it is 6 o’clock on a beautiful day so why did I feel so lost? No place to go like on an island?
This was a show I did not want to do originally but I am so glad I did. What a wonderful experience I would have missed. My major reason for originally saying no was based on very childish reasons.
I was simply tired of some of the pettiness and mean- spirited feelings that has been going on with something that is supposed to be fun and joyous. I was simply tired of it and I wanted to fade out of it.
But because the directors knows that I would walk through fire for them and that I do truly love the theatre, I did and it was one of the greatest experiences that I ever had. What I might have missed for my stubborn attitude.
But we are done and I am at that loss that we all have when we finish a great project. I was saddened too that two people were not able to come . One was my son who probably had a good reason – but that is another blog….
Thank you for those who came -especially my daughter who is winding down her own project of graduating next month. Even with her own busy schedule- she always manages to come at least twice (and flowers to boot!)
I also finished my gardening class and we will be doing a clinic on the 5th of May for the public.
Well, I will close for now and see a great show tonight where I get to be the audience! I need to schedule this weekend or next for one of my favorite shows to see -Auntie Mame!
I have been looking forward to that for a long time!!!!!!!
Carpe diem and happy spring!!!

Spring Fever

March 27th, 2010

Well, we just got back from orchestra practice after my two week absence and THANKFULLY! I had two other cellos to play along with. There is nothing worse that being the only cello and everyone knowing that the cello who played that sour note or on the rest or (as in today’s case) was on measure 12 while everyone else is on measure 5(oops) only possible to be you!! But we cellos kicked it on Star Wars (thank you John Williams!).
We got out of practice and took advantage of that to stop in to two music stores and two used furniture places. Just took our time and enjoyed something different.
Last night , a group of us got to see one of my favorite plays, Curious Savage. I have always loved this one so see it if you can. If you like Harvey and similar stories, you will like it. I have been accused of not being sophisticated enough, but I still love a simple story. This one has many memorable quotes. I was student director/stage manager for it in high school and my brother (who turns 50 on Tuesday) played one of the main characters. A special treat was long time theater friend playing the lead. Great job M!
Spring break has started and with it all the hope of accomplishing great and mighty things. I am still trying to think of what I can do for my brother – I have the week off – should I drive down to surprise him or send something special???? I am just not inspired…….yet. But as he has often told me ….no inspiration like a deadline!!!!!
Well, I will check it next week (or before) and see if I have completed any of my projects. Have a blessed Easter to all if I don’t get to touch base before that!!